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Your own golf course!

Do you also want to change part of your house, garage, office or garden into your own virtual ‘golf course’ and ‘driving range’? GolfSensation delivers affordable golf simulation packages!

Playing this golf simulation game, you can use your own golf clubs, both inside or outside. A sensor is needed to measure the golf ball direction and speed. Software on a gamingĀ  computer will project your stroke on a virtual golf course. For ultimate experience, the golf course can be projected on a life-size screen.

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Golf simulation packages

Please contact us for the latest technology and personal advice:

  • Affordable sensors and swing analyzers

  • Golf simulation software and computer

  • Tail-off mats

  • Indoor and outdoor nets

  • Beamers and projection screens

  • Professional installation.

GolfSensation.eu is an official distributor of the SKYTRAK launch monitor adding customer service!

Golf simulation software

The SkyTrak launch monitor can be linked to various wave simulation software including the popular ‘The Golf Club’, WGT, TruGolf and Creative Golf 3D.

Together we choose the software which best suits your needs and budget. In addition, you will receive advice for the required computer and network facilities. If you are interested for a live demonstration please contact us.

Examples customer installations

You are welcome in our DEMO studio:

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GolfSensation.EU is proud sponsor of the ECCLES Golf Academy